Getting Here, Getting Around in Carolina/Kure Beach, NC

In this section you'll find all the resources you need for getting to Carolina Beach, NC, and getting around once you arrive. You can rent a car if you'd like, but you may find that a pair of flip-flops and a bike will get you anywhere you'd like to go — to the beach, the Boardwalk, and to dinner — in this laidback coastal town.

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Wilmington International Airport

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Chances are you will manuver the area in your own car. If you need addional transportation, cars can be rented in several parts of nearby Wilmington. Wilmington is also the terminus of the Greyhound and Trailways bus lines. And for those wishing to explore via bike, check out our bicycling section for more info.

Car Rental

Enterprise Rentals Carolina/Kure Beach Getting Here, Getting Around
1930 Castle Hayne Rd.
Wilmington, NC
(910) 772-1560
1740 Airport Blvd
Wilmington, NC
(910) 762-0143
(888) 826-6893
1740 Airport Blvd
Wilmington International Airpo
Wilmington, NC 28406
(910) 763-1993
(800) 331-1212
1740 Airport Blvd
Wilmington Int Airport
Wilmington, NC
(910) 762-1010
(800) 654-3131
1740 Airport Blvd.
Wilmington Int. Airport
Wilmington, NC
(910) 343-1411
(800) 847-4389
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